demystifying meditation


Bringing meditation from 

the mystical to the practical


Friday June 28 & Saturday June 29, 2024

Learn how to seamlessly integrate meditation into your daily life to be happier and healthier.

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A Conference curated to inspire life through meditation.

Discover ways to synchronize your inner and outer worlds to lead you to a renewed connection with your true self, and your personal empowerment restored. Reconnect with your natural ability to rebound and emerge as a courageous and purposeful leader in your own life. Together, let’s navigate the storms of life while nurturing our health, relationships, and creativity.


The meditative experiences and discussions being offered will help guide you in the direction of knowledge tools that might be the thing to open the tired places of your mind. Nurture yourself through these practices and find a state of Flow easing itself into your life. Through practice, your source of energy can rebound, opening you to a full life that manifests on the physical, mental and emotional planes.

Get your FREE 2-day conference ZOOM link

We don’t like spam either, and promise not to send you any.

“In the practice of meditation, we strengthen our resilience by learning to let go of what we cannot control and embracing what we can.”
— Unknown

Integrating resilience into your life can:

Ignite your journey from passivity to possibility

Develop and achieve your life’s vision

Live life without limitations

Begin a journey of self accountability

Improve relationships with better communication

Ease anxiety, stress, fatigue, and depression

Join us to reinforce your resilience

Are you experiencing difficulty in bouncing back from life’s challenges? Do you feel like you are constantly being pulled in opposing directions? Or that you are always overextended or stressed?

There’s a strong possibility that areas of your life could benefit from your ability to recover, rebound and be resilient. Our conference presents an opportunity for you to find meditation experiences enabling you to release the narratives wrapped in your experience, opening up a mindset that softens and flows, while you infuse a more resilient, elastic state into your life.


Join us for this time to refresh, renew and reinvigorate.

Tailor your meditation experience

Talks and Presentations

Speakers will share their stories of inspiration through meditation, along with tips, skills and practices to create and maintain your own Inspirational journey.
Live Guided Meditations
During the conference we will be hosting live guided meditations available to any level of practitioner. The variety of practices will encourage inspired meditation for daily life.
Our Facebook community page will provide opportunities to connect, dialogue, contribute thoughts and ideas, share videos and invitations to friends and family so we can inspire each other.

Our schedule for the conference contains links to all the presenters, and speakers along with their bios, social media links among other ways to connect. 

Contemplation Room

Curated from the day’s experiences, you and your guide will investigate certain topics with introspective and contemplative curiosity. Experience each other’s perspectives and wisdom while diving deeper into the manifolds of meditative practices.

Conversation Room

These hosted rooms  will facilitate conversations between conference participants. These times will allow opportunities to connect with future friends and accountability partners to help further your meditation practice and and foster growth.

Talks and Presentations

Hosting speakers sharing their journeys through stories of what brought them to mediation, and what it did for them. They will be providing windows into the practices they share and why.
Live Guided Meditations
At different times of day we will be hosting live guided meditations which everyone can join. There will be a variety of practices offered to enhance the energy of the weekend; from sound healing to silence.
The conference Facebook and Twitter pages will provide opportunity to connect, to further dialogue, contribute ideas, share videos and invite friends and family into the community.


Detailed schedule with the plans for each day. It will also have links to all the presenters, teachers and healers along with their bios, social media and other ways to connect with them outside of the conference.
Contemplation Room
Guided by practitioners, a topic for introspection will be brought to these sessions. Along with other participants, these times will allow opportunities to connect with future friends and accountability partners.
Conversation Room
In this space, guides will facilitate dialogue and inquiry among participants into the questions that may arise after the main talks, following presentations and post meditation.

Presenter Lineup

To Be Announced

Our Speaker Lineup (2021)

Dr. Amba Marie Dryg

Medical Qigong

Balancing the 5 Yin Organs ____________
demystifying meditation

Andrea & Sat


Manifestation Power of a Conscious Relationship

Andrew Sherbrooke

śamatha-vipassanā Meditation

Stabilizing the Mind Through Kindness & Pleasure

Beverly Akhurst

Yin & Mindful Living

Yin as a meditative journey inwards
Staying Open in a Hard World ____________

Dan Brulé

Healer & Breathwork Master

Breathwork as Meditation


Moving Meditation for Better Sleep

Edi Hsu​

Zhine Meditation

An Invitation to Become Our Authentic Selves


Elizabeth Mueller​

Sound & Vibrational Healing

Sound as the “New Medicine”

Fleur Choy​

Healing & Sound Meditation

Power of Sound and Vibration

Henrik Norberg

Mind Illuminated Meditation

Intimacy Through Meditation

Jacquie Bird

Voice & Sound Journey

Submerge into Peace and Tranquility
Immune Boosting Qigong for Stress Relief

Katharine Lee

Co-hosting Conversations

Lawrence Kwock

Wuji through Tai Chi

Achieving Wuji through Tai Chi


Lisa McNett

Introspective Breathwork

The Healing Power of Breathwork

Mahesh Natrajan

Conference Host

Maren Good

Autonics & Gong Meditation

Gong Meditation

Michele Denis

Yoga Nidra Meditaton

Cultivating Inner Peace


Nazeeha Howard

Music & Sound Therapy

24/7 Melding With Spirit Celebration



“Mindfulness is easy, you just need to remember to do it”
— Sharon Salzberg